Ailsa and Adrien

Salut! I’m Ailsa, a languages teacher from Edinburgh and my wonderful boyfriend Adrien is an engineer from Lyon. Over the last few years we’ve lived in various places across France and the UK, and most recently we moved from Lyon to Auckland, New Zealand, and back again to Lyon! This blog began as a diary of our journey around the land of the longΒ white cloud, a year which opened my eyes to the desperate environmental changes that our planet needs. Now we’re back in Lyon, and I’m writing about my journey to minimal waste living, with tips and tricks, trials and tribulations, and everything in between.

My philosophy is to make the decisions, move (or not) to the new place, change the job you hate, keep the one you love, and ultimately create the life you want and one that leaves a positive impact on the planet. I know just how hard it is to follow this lesson in reality, but I fully believe in its importance in spurring us on!

Happy reading!

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